SPRIGS 2020-2023

(Strategic Partnerships and Relationships in a Globalized Society) for a Second Chance

Associazione SUD has planned a special attention about the Mediterranean area and Balkans/East Europe/Caucasus for the next three years. We have interest to develop new partnerships with some organizations and institutions operating in these countries.

In this context our region - Puglia - in the last years has been one of the main actors for the dialogue and the exchange among North Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Balkans. Our communities, in the central part of Puglia Region in the intersection between three Provinces (Bari, Brindisi, Taranto), are involved in many and significant plans and projects about the economic and social development, the governance and the capacity building. The regional government has implemented several programs in support of youth (employment, creativity, technological innovation...), women (about any kind of cultural, social, economic discrimination), migrants (against any kind of exclusion and for an active dialogue between communities and individuals), and sustainable development (through new technologies, supporting the renewable energy field, green and circular economy).

PaDUMe - Peace, Human Rights, Mediterranean

Pace Diritti Umani Mediterraneo - Valle d'Itria

BEIRUT - LIBANO 2020-2021

Un ponte di solidarietà Valle d'Itria-Libano

LAB4GE - KA2 Strategic Project 2020-2023

Learn Abroad to do Better at home for Gender Equality

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